September 16, 2012

Istanbul Technical University

ITU, from the Past to the Future

Having 240 year prominent history, a contemporary education environment and an impressive faculty, Istanbul Technical University has been distinguished in Turkey with its engineering and architecture education. ITU graduate engineers and architects had devoted tremendous effort on building the infrastructure in the cities and villages of Turkey, such as, bridges, factories, buildings, power plants, telecommunication networks.  Istanbul Technical University is a state university that defines the professions of engineering and architecture in Turkey, that provides a modern education environment to the students while possessing its conventional structure. ITU educates its students as the future pioneers in engineering and architecture not only in national but also in international environments by establishing strong relations with international institutions.

  • » Five campuses located in the heart of Istanbul
  • » Thirteen faculties and six research institutes
  • » Comprehensive education in 39 undergraduate degree programs
  • » International Accreditation in all of the undergraduate degree programs (ABET, EUA, NAAB, IMO)
  • » 145 Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs
  • » More than 25 000 full time students
  • » Education with 1 professor per 12 students
  • » Advanced information systems and communication technology facilities
  • » Education in full English language

Through a combination of its three core missions of education, research and development, ITU maintains its leadership role in science, art and technology as a Pioneer through the ages.


As a research university, to be a focal point for pioneering studies in science, technology and arts and humanities on a national and international scale.


To produce graduates who possess the ability to: compete at the national and international level; associate their national identity with global values; engage in continuous improvement; have a good command of technology; respect their environment, societal and ethical values; excel entrepreneurship and leadership qualities.

Conduct research in basic and applied science; create a breakthrough in national development; and develop and support leading creative research groups and faculty working towards this common goal.

To conduct research studies that will contribute to science and technology at the international level, to establish and support research groups and faculty to carry out such research activities and to develop and sustain the necessary infrastructure.

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