Written By: Aylin Sahinturk on August 14, 2011


EBEC 2011 Istanbul is over. But the most vivid moments of Competition are available at our Media gallery!
Check the daily videos and interviews with EBEC partners, participants and organaizers here.
Also the live streaming recordings of Case Study and Team Design testing and presentations, Official Opening and Closing Days are available at our live streaming chanels: 

Written By: Aylin Sahinturk on August 10, 2011


The 10th of August was the Official Closing Day of EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) Final organized by BEST (Board of European Students of Technology). The competition gathered 104 top technical students in Istanbul, Turkey united by one passion – engineering. This was the 3rd edition of EBEC, the biggest engineering competition organized by [...]

Written By: News Team on August 9, 2011

Todays CS topic is: “ How can a Smartphone App help deaf people in order to make their life easier, with almost
the same opportunities as the others have?” EBEC Competitors have to solve this problem in 5h by designing a smartphone application to help deaf on their everyday life.

Written By: News Team on August 8, 2011

Today is the 5th competition day of EBEC 2011 Istanbul! And it brings us CS from Kaspersky Lab. Its task is to design new Internet framework prioritizing data and user security. Starting from the system design and network architecture, through security issues, to how Internet services are provided to.

Written By: News Team on August 7, 2011

Istanbul is the 5th largest city in the world with number of vehicles about 2 million. To solve problems of traffic jams and increasing air pollution international teams were asked to design solar powered transportation system. The variety of solutions were presented: from solar power charging stations for electro cars to the complex transportation [...]

Written By: News Team on August 5, 2011

Internet is not only the essential part of your daily life but also a powerful Marketing tool. During 5th August Case Study, International teams were asked to restructure and redesign web site of one of the leading tourist operators Detur (EBEC partner). Check the video about innovative solutions for user friendly interfaces, cross linking [...]